Helping other Organisations

We are happy to help other local organisations raise funds and we can put on and assist in lots of activities.

We have helped other organisations with Race Nights and  Quizzes in recent times.

Call Tony Priestley on 01403 786558 or email:

Our club has developed a murder mystery evening thanks to Rotarian Terry Russell who had a long career in the Met and provided scripts for ITV’s “the Bill” Lots of fun and suspense and 4 public performances to date.

Who murdered Gloria Goodbody?

A Murder Mystery Presentation – absolutely free!


We are keen to present our Murder Mystery Presentation to any organisation be it Rotary or whatever and all we ask is a donation to our club Charity Account.

The presentation is quite simple and all that is required is a table! The Murder Mystery players provide all the props, outfits, post mortem reports, plan of the murder scene and clue answer sheets. The script can be tailored to fit the characters and stories of the audience who have taken up our invitation.

The concept of the presentation comprises of three couples who have attended a rather dismal dinner party hosted by the glamorous but flirty – Gloria Goodbody. But Gloria is murdered during the course of the evening and one of the five remaining guests did it! The murder is investigated by Sergeant Dimwit who is dressed in an authentic police uniform!

So whatever the occasion – President’s night, Fund raising or just a bit of fun give us a call!

No cost is involved just a donation!!

Call Terry Russell     01403 752383 or   email: